2024 Association Industry
​Digital Trends

New Findings on Digital Transformation: 
Results from the Association Sector Digital Maturity Survey. May 2024

Report Overview

Welcome to the Association Sector Digital Trends Report 2024, which summarises findings from a survey of more than 70 professional associations and other membership organisations around Australia and New Zealand. 

With the rapid development of digital marketing trends and the growing number of digital marketing tools, the importance of an efficient digital infrastructure has significantly increased. Today, digital tools not only ensure effective operations but also form a foundation for member experience, providing association management with the necessary data and insights to inform decision-making. 

This report is a unique opportunity to reflect on how prepared the association sector is to meet the digital challenge of the current world, as well as the expectations of members and other stakeholders.

Key Findings

recognise improving MX as the main goal of digital transformation. 

​see limited budget as the main barrier to digital transformation. 

assess their organisations as 
"Digitally Optimised".

Member experience is key

The era of member experience (MX) is here. However, the industry's capabilities for delivering a great personalised member experience is still a bit behind. 

The challenges of digital transformation

Limited budget, lack of skills, and expertise are the primary barriers of digital transformation. 

The level of tech adoption

While some associations are still using tools like Microsoft Excel to store data about their members, others have an integrated and effective tech stack or at least a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap in place. 

Digital culture

While the lack of digital skills and expertise is recognised as a challenge to digital transformation, only a minority of respondents highlighted culture (including support from the board and resistance from the team) as part of their challenges. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption

This year's report includes a dedicated section on Artificial Intelligence (AI), exploring its growing role in transforming the association sector. From automating routine tasks to enhancing member engagement and providing predictive analytics, AI is becoming an essential component of digital strategies. 

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